Welcome on Board!

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Here you can ask all your questions and get answers from Tom and fellow students.  Also you will have access to the Monthly Conference Calls.

Watch what the Elite Staff Training What to Do Next Video

Here is how to login into the TMR Online Platform

Summary of What's Included

  1. 12 month CLINIC access to the TMR Online Platform for TMR Level 1, 2 & 3 Seminars for your current staff & any you hire during the year.
  2. 12 month access to TMR Online Platform for your patients to use at your clinic(s)
  3. Your staff can take the seminars either as a home study or as a Live Online Seminar. Feel free to mix & match them too.
  4. Staff receive 60 day HOME ACCESS to the TMR Online Platform for each TMR seminar.
  5. Receive 16 credit hours for each level for a total of 48 credit hours (*some states have approved TMR for slightly different amounts)
  6. Email us and let us know when you want your staff to begin their 60 day access for TMR level 1.  Once finished then let us know when you would like to begin level 2.
    • If you are taking the Live Online your 60 day access will start either the day of the Live Online Seminar or a few days before - whichever you prefer.

If you are ready to start your Home access email us at tmrs.sam@gmail.com