Here Is All The Information Regarding TOTS-1 Class


Manual & Handouts : Click Below To Download Files.

Regarding Manual -
Please read file A for instructions and an overview  and check out the other 3 files prior to the course. The forms in file A will be provided at the live course.  It is not necessary to have a copy of the Powerpoint to follow the class. In recent courses no one has chosen to print the other files.  It is just a useful reference if this is your choice.   You will want to download it to you computer to review again after the course.  Also download  B & C to make copies for use with patients.

Class Requirements :
* Please use an inexpensive cloth baby doll for the course. You can tape your doll to give it restrictions. We will using that in our Live class.  (I use a baby size one that was $12 at a discount store –the kind with a cloth body, and a larger toddler size Raggedy Ann type) Doll need to be flexible with a surface that will allow you to apply and remove plastic tape - no teddy bears.

(Optional) If you have an extra doll available bring it along too so that you might keep it taped for a model.
* Small pillow or towel.
* Yoga mat to make sitting on floor more comfortable.
* You must view Tots videos on website as we refer to the (child with torticollis and hypotonia) and the (child with CP 28-36 months)  in the class and review File A to be familiar with instructions and outline.
Don't forget your doll!  See you soon!

Seminar Location, Hotel Info, Timings :  Click Below For More Info

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