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Spine Surgeon with Severe Back Pain

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I continue to be amazed at the change in my thought process because this works.  Why does it work? Because it’s the scientific method in application.  It must work: pre-test, treat, post-test and continue searching for the solution in a systematic way.  For once it gives options to every patient and puts those patients in control of their health.  Yeah!  Megan Fain PT

Megan Fain, PT
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  • Immediately Increase Speed of Results

    The Total Motion Release program is customized to increase the speed of results with even the most complex conditions, so you can feel confident no matter who walks through your doors. And TMR works in every setting of rehab. Achieve faster results for acute, chronic, surgical, athletic, geriatric, neurological & pediatric conditions.  If you can treat it, TMR can make the results faster

  • Learn TMR Once - Use it for a Lifetime

    Patients are blown away by how quickly they can reduce their own pain with just a few simple instructions. In the TMR Seminars you’ll learn how teaching rather than treating will advance your patient successes four fold. You’ll see more ah-hah moments in a week than you are use to seeing in an entire year.

  • Seminar Packages - take each seminar 2 times. Never expires.

    Our seminar package allows you to take each seminar 2 times and the time frame never expires.   Don’t waste your continuing education money on the “same ole, same ole” seminar. Each seminar is worth 16 credit hours for a total of 48 credit hours.

fade-leftfade-rightWhy We Love the TMR Program

This will be great for patients.  More importantly my golf game on the back nine now has a new tool box.  Being able to swing and rotate will prevent slicing.  Able to bring staff members together, and effectively off-site train without the hassle of travel, hotels, missed flights and cost.  Recommend Tom and this course to all Clinic Directors, Administrators and Staff.

Bob Worden, PT

This was my first experience with a 2 day seminar online.  I thought I was going to be stuck in my chair the whole time.  But between standing to do the exercises/tests and the ability to pace yourself through the lessons.  Overall, it was a great experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. 

Martin Gavin, PT

Over the past year I had received flyers and emails about Total Motion Release, but thought there was a catch. However, I am so glad I had the opportunity to take level 1, because there truly is no catch.  I have always suffered from low back pain that comes and goes depending on my activity level.  After taking level 1 TMR I have little to no back pain.  Even after the big snow storm in New England I have been shoveling for a week, do my TMR at night and in the morning  and I feel great.  Taking the course online allowed me to progress at my own pace.  I did not feel overwhelmed, and if I missed something, or forgot how to fill out a form, I could just go back. Thank You!

Mary McDonagh, PT

Initially I was apprehensive about taking this course online as I felt that the complexity of the material would be over my head. After completing the course however I found the complexity of the program much easier to grasp via the online sessions. I found that I was able to “fix” myself while being a participant in a seminar in the comfort of my “mancave” quite a unique experience to say the least. Thank Tom, I look forward to level 2 & 3.

Richard Duch, PT

Using the TMR instantly improves your ability to treat any diagnosis.  You no longer have to attend a course for separate extremities, diagnoses, body systems, etc.  It relieves you of the need to come up with a differential diagnoses and “recipe” to fix it because literally every patient you see can fix themselves given the tools you have to teach them.  I am amazed how much you can lean on this topic with just an online course because its not manual therapy based, plus it’s easy to get updates as TMR evolves because Tom is always posting.

Kirsten Dettwiler, PT

I was retaking TMR 1.  What other group, person or course that would do this and do it with enthusiasm.  Tom’s process is scientifically thought out, mapped out. It’s funny how as PTs we balk at this as it takes away our own “creativity.”  But as Tom says, it’s not about me, it’s about the patient.  This process is all about the patient.  If we really are “patient centered” and care about healthcare dollars, then we should use this tool and use it often and use it well!

Kristin Terkelson, PT

This course is well worth the time, effort and cost.  I have taken many educational workshops, certifications etc.  This is among one of the best courses and learning experiences I have ever been part of.  Not only is Tom knowledgeable, a game changer, articulate and passionate about what he is doing, he is an excellent teacher who knows how to get material across in a VERY intelligent manner. The videos he has made for the course are simple and easy to use.  You are getting the exact information you need with out interruptions of other participates asking questions during the demonstrations and this was huge for me.  You are able to rewind and view as many times as needed.  I did not think I was going to enjoy the online format for the long day but is was exceptional.  Tom is right there if you need questions answered and called me a number of times to just check in.  This allowed me to move at my own pace and clear up misunderstood material, by going back over a certain sections and to move on when I did not need to hear the same video again.
The documentation is key and I view the video for documenting each time as I was filling out each form.  All learning should be like this.  For me this particular method will be a huge part of my treatment starting tomorrow with my first patient.  I feel that confident.  I was able to handle physical issues in my own body during the two days, which was an extra bonus.
I think all therapists should experience this to course.  If you do not want to use it completely it will at least open you up to being open about treatment.

Tara Dawn Bach-Martinez, DPT

This course definitely got me thinking in a whole new direction.  It showed me the different chains in the body and how important it is to look/address all the link in the cage to address overall dysfunction.  For my own personal experience I noted much less stiffness and improved ROM in all instances but cont’ mild pain in some cases. But if overall function improves I feel that is a success.  We did  that the seminar online and liked the flexibility and the instructor was very helpful via phone and text.

Barbara St. Jean, PT

TMR is a great way to encourage patient independence in your practice. It is a great way to teach your patients to manage their own pain and therefore have lasting effects.  The courses were informative with the most expert instructor and the concepts were explained in a way that many clinicians of different learning styles can easily understand.  This was a great course and I would recommend it to other clinicians in multiple fields.

Kaitlin Chrastek, ATC

I have a long history with right SIJ and right hip pain as well as left knee patella tracking problems & occasional right knee pain. My right SIJ and hip have been flared up for the last couple of weeks. My knees only bother me with sit <>stand, squats, lunges or steps (left knee worse than right). With kindergarten and preschool, I discovered severe limitations in standing with lumbar extension to the left. I treated this to the right and it dramatically improved and continues to be symmetrical to the right. Then I started on the FAB 6 and had to disregard the Sit to Stand and Bent Knee Toe Reach. Both exercises caused knee pain. Following the 1st day of the seminar, I noticed an improvement in my right knee pain and ability to transfer sit to stand, although I did not directly treat my knees.  When I started 6th grade, my right knee pain was not present and I was able to treat the left knee, by completing motions with the right.  Then in 7th grade additional problems were noted with my left knee and again I was able to treat with my right without any discomfort on the right. The left improved. It’s not perfect, but much better.  Throughout the levels, my right SIJ and hip pain fluctuated, but now at the end of the course the right SIJ is not hurting at all and the right hip feels about 70% better.  I have also noted improvements in motion in bilateral innominates with ambulation. Overall I feel more balanced.

I am excited about the changes and look forward to using TMR with my patients. I wish I would have taken this course sooner!

Danielle Hall, PT

The information we've covered in just one day was enough for me to abolish pain I've had in my right ankle for 12 years.  Many of the concepts blow traditional physical therapy concepts out of the water.  Get ready to learn with an open mind - you won't be disappointed.

Nathaniel Mosher, PT

This class is completely different from any other.  The results are unavoidable and once you learn them, I challenge any therapist not to try the FAB 6 in their clinic. 

Sean Ambrey, OT

Just a note to reiterate why I love TMR.  I have been using TMR since day 1 of the first course I took.  I returned to the clinic with my own physical gains, including increased flexibility, more body balance, and no pain.  I also returned to the clinic with a treatment program to help all of my patients.  Over the years, I have seen such wonderful changes in patient’s pain and function.  Patients are able to return to playing golf, doing their own housework, and being able to get rid of their pain whenever it comes back.  I remember the looks on their faces when they do one exercise and the pain is gone.  One 95 year old man had terrible neck pain, and he got rid of the pain and increased his ROM with a leg raise.  He told me it didn’t matter if it was weird, it worked every time he did it.  The more classes I have taken, the more I integrate the concepts of TMR into the daily activities of the patients, and of course, in my own life.

I believe in the technique because it works.  Thank you, again, Tom for teaching/sharing your technique with everyone!

Terry Holcombe, PT

I have been using TMR as the primary exercise routine for my patients for 2 years now. It has revolutionized the way I practice therapy, after 12 years of practicing traditional manual therapy/outpatient/orthopedics,  I have never seen a technique work so "miraculously!! I get 50 percent faster results, my patients meet their goals in half the time and are able to treat themselves effectively when they have a flare up (which they now know is due to "bad motions" vs good motions). I struggled with chronic tightness and transient pain myself and would need to have my therapists treat me to "get back in alignment", I knew that traditional stretches/exercises just didn't fix the problems I had. After the first week of learning TMR, I "fixed" muscle dysfunctions/movement restrictions that I struggled with for years!! I feel like TMR has allowed me to feel pain free, work out without injury and practice PT longer because I feel so good! I am a huge fan and will always practice (and do) TMR for treatment of any symptom! It just WORKS!!

Pilar Hanes, MPT

TMR has significantly changed my treatment
focus and success. I use TMR on nearly every patient, and upon completion
of initial visits, 80+% of my patients report at least 80% relief of symptoms,
whether it is pain relief and/or motion improvement. It have become a much
more effective therapist, my patients appreciate being able to easily alleviate
their own symptoms, and my patients LOVE working the better side of their
body, as opposed to struggling through discomfort and pain. I have been around
quite a while in the PT field and I have never benefited from a treatment technique
as much as I have from TMR.

Dean Volk, PT

As a certified personal trainer with nearly 9 years in the field, it is very typical for folks to come to me daily to simply “lose a little weight”, “increase strength”, “have more energy and endurance”, etc. Usually however, in almost every case, I quickly discover that most bring structural/physical challenges (including pain and lost/reduced range of motion) with them that could make reaching “their goals” often challenging at best. By using the Total Motion Release techniques with my clients, most are able to quickly and dramatically reduce (or completely eliminate) the pain and regain much or all of any lost range of motion. This allows me to then focus on helping them reach “their goals” more quickly and effectively, as well as add more pain-free enjoyment to their lives, now and in the future.  I have been using TMR techniques for about a year now and they have become indispensible tools in my personal training toolbox!

Bobby Morrow
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