Severe Knee Pain Fixed With a Good Sided Sit To Stand

From Dean Volk at Volk Physical Therapy in North Carolina

Day 1

She complains of right sided knee pain, yet for the motion of sit to stand it doesn’t hurt and is actually the easier leg to do the STS on.  This is where the understanding of TMR comes into play of when to use it and why.  So her BAD knee is right side, but her GOOD sit to stand side is her RIGHT.  Sounds confusing, but one is PAIN the other is asymmetry of motion (without pain).  You see therapists often have a hard time distinguishing this and thus call the HURT leg and don’t realize there is GOOD motion in it that may fix it.  This type of patient may become very confusing and NOT get better without knowing the TMR process.

Day 2 – So Did It Last?


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