Quick Fix For Ankle Sprain Using TMR

Hello everyone, thought I’d share how amazing TMR is (as if you all didn’t already know). As always Tom is great with his guidance and advice with TMR. Anyway I sprained my ankle really bad about 4 days ago to the point I couldn’t even bear weight on it. I asked Tom for advice and he told me to do seated ankle pumps, HRs, and toe squeezes- about 100 a day. I was waiting in my car at the moment and did about 100 HRs and then when I got out of the car, I was FWB, 90% pain relief, and went up the stairs like nothing happened. I was really blown away by this and just thought I’d share this with everyone. Didn’t have to call off work and could take care of my toddlers after all. TMR is seriously life changing!

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