Quick Fix For Acute Wrist Pain

Back Story: Got this email shortly after sending out Quick Fix For Acute Ankle Pain Video.  He tried the same concept on an Acute Wrist.

Hey Tom,
I just did a very similar thing for one of the kids I coach baseball about a month ago.  He took a really hard pitch to the wrist and it literally disabled it.  He had it x-rayed and it came back negative.  While he was sitting on the bench (because he couldn’t play) I asked him what movement was painful.  He rolled his wrist around and said it was when he went counter clockwise.  So I had him go counter clockwise on his good wrist 50 times.  He checked and it was much better.  So we did it again…and it got even better.  Then I had him go clockwise on the bad wrist as that was not painful. He did 2 sets of 50…pain was gone!
However, he had an appointment at the Doctors the next day to check it out.  They did another x-ray for some reason and it turned out it was actually fractured! So, despite the broken bone, TMR got him out of pain.  He calls me the magic man now 🙂  Unfortunately, he ended up in a cast and is out for the rest of the season but I want to see him when his cast is off to see if we can restore any ROM lost due to the casting.
Anyway..have a great day!

Andy Luukkonen

Owner, Body Fit Health Club