If you are a PT Private Practice Owner with 4 or more
clinicians who is seeing less & less reimbursement per visit,
then this may be the solution you've been looking for.

I've got a kick-butt staff training offer that solves this problem.

I have spent years developing a program that helps practice owners
thrive even in the lowest of reimbursement situations.

The bad news is it is limited to only 10 Private Practice Owners in
each state. That's all.  My intent is to make you the very best at this
program in your area.

If you are the owner with 5 or more clinicians & able to
speak to me in the next 48 hours for 10 minutes I will give you enough
info to decide if this tool can help your practice. Not to mention give
it to you at an amazing price.

There is so much you can do with this training program to generate
revenue and save money.  Heck, the program can even be creatively used
to treat patients on snow days for those of you in cold country or treat
patients who are traveling.

I want to help you.  I am a PT owner in the trenches just like you and
I know there is nothing that has helped my practice more over the
years than the TMR platform.

To learn more reply to totalmotion@gmail.com
please include your name, clinic location, number of staff, cell #
and good time to call you.

Before our conversation please be familiar with our website - click here to go to website.
FYI - the websites shares with you the results of the TMR program,
but it does not explain this opportunity.  Only those who respond back to me at totalmotion@gmail.com will have access to this information.

Talk soon!