Oct 2015 TMR Q&A Webinar

Wed 10/7/15

  • Is The Form All It's Cracked Up to Be?
  • Quick Tips for Plantar Fasciitis and Tennis Elbow
  • Set Up A 4 Step Experiment To Test All Your Treatment Techniques And Eliminate The Sucky Ones
  • The Update on the TMRc Certification
  • Find Out - Becoming An Expert At TMR Requires You To TRY TO WANT To Make Them Worse.
  • Discover How Slowing WAY DOWN & Doing 1/5th Of What You Are Currently Doing Works Better

Sept 2015 TMR Webinar

Wed 9/9/15

  • See The Demo Of The NEW TMR Online Platform
  • Discover The 7 Steps Used To Quickly Get Buy In From The Patient
  • Simplify the Entire TMR Process Down To Only 3 Pages
  • Learn The 8 Ways When TMR Fails