Heading to Surgery in 10 Days… and then this happened!

It’s your turn… want to take a Free Web Class to learn the basics of this stuff we call Total Motion Release (TMR)?

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Would learning this during a lunch & learn be something you might be interested in, not only just you individually but maybe several of your co-workers too?   Shoot me an email tototalmotion@gmail.com with the subject line LUNCH & LEARN and I will tell you how we can do that for NO charge.  It is a ton of fun and you get to see this in action not only on yourself, but heck… you can even invite a few patients to join if you like.

And if I really like you I might even be able to get you some CEU credits for the lunch & learn 🙂 But you’ve got to let me know by shooting me an email at totalmotion@gmail.com



Tom Dalonzo-Baker, MPT