No Form Filling Out Required

Step 1:  Find a motion that increases your symptoms

Step 2 - Score It

Either write your score down on a piece of paper or remember it - you will need it later.

How to Score It

What that score really means

Step 3: How to Treat It

Go ahead and treat your motion

Do Not Exercise to Bad Side

Step 4: Re-test the bad side

Step 5: What to do next

Continue to exercise your motion and re-testing yourself.  Don't forget to tweak where & when needed.

Step 6:  Tips on how to fix it

Step 7:  Find another motion and treat it too

Step 8: What do you do for homework?

  • Repeat this process 2-3 times a day with as many motions as you can find out of balance in your body

Tip: If you get sore.

soreness & increased pain from Total Motion Release on Vimeo.

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