Grade 1 - FAB 6 - (Rotate In)

Step 1: Print out these forms (if not provided)

PDF - TMR Form
Word Doc - TMR Form
FAB 6 - Alternate A - (Rotate In) Pic Sheet
Rules to Fixing Myself
Revised Rules to Fixing Myself
TMR (1-100) Scoring Sheet

Step 1.5 - Fill Out Top of Form.

Test all 6 of these motions
(unless instructed otherwise)

Step 4:  Circle on the Pic Sheet the 2 FAB 6 exercises that are the most out of balance left side versus right side. Record the most out of balance exercise as #1 and the second most out of balance exercise as #2.

Step 5:

Recording Tip

Step 6: Score It

Optional: If you need to review how to score it you can watch the 2 videos below

Scoring TMR Exercise

Three Parts of the TMR Score

Step 7: Is there another painful or restricted motion that you would like to test in addition to one of the FAB 6 motions?  If so, track it as shown below.

Tracking Another Motion is Optional
Here is what it looks like on the form

Step 8: Two Treatment Options

  • 2 - 3 Sets of 10-20 Reps
  • 2-3 Sets of 15-30 seconds pushing farther & farther into end range
  • If doing #2 - Do not just hold it at one point, be sure to go as far as possible

Step 9:  Treat to the Good Side

Step 10:  Re-test Bad Side

Step 11:

Step 12:  Go ahead and continue treating yourself. Record on form. Don't forget to tweak when and where needed. Go to next step when finished.

*If your TMR score gets worse, STOP treating immediately and go to next step*

Where to record the Rule on form.

Watch the videos below ONLY if one of your TMR Scores gets worse, a new pain comes on, or something funky happens.

What if gets worse

How to fill out if worse

New pain

Something funky

How to record

Step 13: Start treating your #2 FAB 6 exercise

Optional: Watch Videos Below If You Do Not Know How To Accurately Fill Out Form

For those tracking only FAB 6 exercises

For those tracking FAB 6 & another motion

Step 14:  Continue treating your 2nd exercise & filling out the form.  If you are at the clinic, continue until there is 5 minutes left in the session, then go to next step

Step 15:  What do you do for homework?

  • Take TMR Form(s) and repeat what you did today at home. Bring back in for next session.
  • Repeat exercises (with or without form) 2 more times each day.

Step 16: Fill Out Patient Section of Form

FINAL STEP - Take a picture of your TMR form & send it to me NOW!

  1. Best Option take picture & send to me using VOXER. This way I can give you more personal attention. If you have not already downloaded VOXER text me at 919 749 2106 and I will send you a link.

  2. 2nd best is text 919 749 2106 OR

  3. Email form to OR

  4. Fax form to 919-443-1205

Congrats - Click Here for Next Grade

Below Is More Info For Clinicians
(Optional for Patients)

Watch one or two videos per grade level.
The videos are at the bottom of each grade (1-8)